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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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stopping by for baby news and finally got this far....what a lovely post about your sweetE. yes, it will be different when the baby comes, but in all good ways. you know that, and nothing will change what you two have shared. it's still there, that perfect, private bond. there will be so many chances to sneak back to that place with your E and there will be a new unique part of you set aside for this baby. E won't mind- later anyway after she's over the shock and into the love- because she'll have a place of her own with baby (as you did with your sister). it's so cool to watch this happen. you will love it. really, it's quite wonderful! xoC

beautiful. i know what you mean. my ds#1 and i were peas and carrots...then ds#2 came along and i felt like he was so special i had to make sure he never felt left out of our special bond. he doesn't and now 2 yrs later the 3 of us are a great team. ds#1 and him have an awesome relationship and it's a joy to watch. but i couldn't imagine how it would all work out until i saw ds#2's sweet didn't seem possible until he was here and then it was the most natural thing in the world.

Crystal - what a great post. Brings tears to my eyes as I think back to when my #2 was born (and now she's 2). Enjoy your time before #2 arrives as you're preparing for more snuggles.

Sweet, wonderful, precious...makes me want to be a mom even just once. It will all happen soon enough. I know it isnt even close but the pup and I are bonding in a totally new way during the deployment.

I had the same feelings going from one to two. I really was quite sad about life not being just me and my girl, all the while being so excited for my new baby to arrive.

I wonder if I will feel any of that the closer I get to having this third baby. Right now I am just impaient for new baby fingers, toes and the soft head to kiss.


Oh my gosh, I loved your post. It made me sad to think about everything you and Evyn have been through together and to close that chapter. But, it's exciting to think about all the new memories you will make with Evyn. I have never thought of all these emotions in having a second baby, a little confusing. I loved the pictures, as always. Evyn is absolutely beautiful. Miss you guys.

Awww! I loved this post and enjoyed the pictures. It almost made me cry thinking about my kids 18,16,10 and 2 growing up and how much I miss the older ones being little. Those times are SO very precious. I wish you and your family the best.

You do have a truly wonderful kid. I hate that I did not get to spend more time with yall, and know her better. I am glad You are embrace the end of this chapter, and are excited about the next.

That is a beautiful post. I too have to pause and reflect on new chapters in our lives. I actually mourn a wee bit for what was. Then I look forward to what will be. Many many happy healthy birthing vibes coming your way all the way from Canada!!

This is a wonderful site, thank you for your support of your Army hubby, and tell him that two of us in Washington state thank him for his servise to our country. I also had a little three year old girl when we had our second, and your heart will sing praises and feel as though it will burst, now so much more love. We are grandparents now, and it gets even better! Grandbabies! God bless

Reading your blog always makes me smile. What a beautiful little lady you have their! I loved her little "Big Sister" apron, she will make a wonderful Big Sister by the way you describe her :)

You have no idea the memories you stirred up yet again, my Baby #1 (((hugs)))

Too choked up for more,
lv, m xo

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