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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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i am 4 mos pregnant, hoping for a little boy - but she is just adorable. Makes me think if i'm going to have another girl i'd be just fine. Her eyes are amazing!

she is absolutely precious.!!

She is so CUTE! A belated congratulations.

Sounds like my two girls - so very different persons in all things, but their love for each other. Hope you catch some sleep soon. We┬┤re having kid free weekend - and I so enjoyed sleeping in....

I agree, she doesn't look like you or James, but Evyn. I can tell from these pictures that she is a deep thinker like her mommy and very serious at times. I absolutely adore these two pictures, they really show so much of her personality. I just wish I could kiss her on her little cheeks. swak!

She is so cute! Time does go by very fast... I've had one good sleeper and one not-so-fabulous sleeper myself - I feel your pain.

She is absolutely beautiful! Just like her big sister. It has always fascinated me how siblings can be so different! I try to view the wakeful times as more opportunity for bonding and enjoying the baby stages of my last baby! (They grow up way too fast.) I know this is easier said than done when you are sleep-deprived. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your precious family. Take care.

A definately looks like E. She is just as beautiful! I was lucky enough to have two children who like to keep me up at night. Luke just finished a month long teething stage so he was up like a newborn. I was graced by the past two nights of almost a full night of sleep. Oh yeah we decided we are not ready for 3, especially after this past month. I/We need a breather:) Miss you! PS: Do you notice if A is more clingy that E? Luke is super attached, I am holding him constantly.

Such a sweet little face! I had the exact opposite with my boys. My oldest NEVER slept through the night, but the new bundle of joy is doing 6 hours straight at night. I agree--gotta just go with the flow!

yup! My girl has sleep issues and I've found it's best to just do what feels right and ignore everyone else!
She's 5 months and after sleeping great at night all along, she suddenly wakes every 2 to 3 hours, it's hell but I am just riding it out, I suppose it's a growth spurt as on valantines day she stayed sitting up right on her own for the first time and today was able to pick up and put a pacifier in her mouth on her own! So It's worth it lol.

My first impression was my how she looks like E! :D sweet little baby and those blue eyes...oh she's going to be a charmer that one!

Oh she is adorable. I will tell you, my first slept/napped like A does... My second was more like E. And I will tell you,she seems to just function on less sleep. She did great at night, but never ever a good napper... Hopefully though, you are getting some rest :) Totally adorable.

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