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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.Have a nice time ahead.

What a fabulous job you did!! it lookks beautiful.

You did a fabulous job - just wanted to tell you that I think it's beautiful!

That chest looks very nice. I am just finishing my own paint-it-black epiphany. We were given some secondhand bedroom furniture...dressers, mirrors, bedstands. They were a white, chipped wicker type style. They look 10,000 times better black. Of course, in my house, the black will make the dust easier to see. Can't win them all :)

Crystal......what an amazing job you did on that dresser. I am coming to see that your talents just seem endless! Terrific writer, great sewer..wonderful photographer.. excellent cook....awesome friend.... amazing mom...nifty at crochet..... geez I am jealous ha ha :) Anyway when you painted the used like a can of paint with a brush right? And do you also use spray paint? Seriously I love your blog... I hope you keep it going. On another note my friend Tara is battling cancer, and she is a wonderful person. In fact you can read her story password: HealedbyHisStripes Today between 11:00 and 1:00 pm they have asked for prayers to God for healing of the sick...if you get a chance please say a prayer for her. She is a wonderful person. If you get a chance read her story on carepages. Have a good day! :)

Crystal... you are good, girl! Very good! What a great job you did on that dresser!

I especially love the class the handles bring.

Black paint... I'll have to remember that. :)


I agree I love black furniture, but for some reason woods go good with my living room. I have throughly enjoyed using up all your old spray paint. As a matter of fact, I usually run out and have to by more. I used all of that fushia color you used on E's little rocker so long ago. I painted an old chest that said Foot Joy. Geoff got it for free at the golf store. Now it is perfect for holding all the blankets that accumulate in the living room. Enjoy your re-designing!

That looks absolutely fabulous.
I love old furniture and that piece has alot of charm.

Great work.

I love the black! I've done a dresser before and it took me months and finally finished it in a weekend when Hubby threaten to throw it away! I would have my whole house with black furniture but with all the moving nothing would look to good with all the scratchs the movers seem to make.

Oh.... I love it! We painted an old kitchen table black and LOVE it.


oh, i think i found your blog through Andrea.


I am feeling smothered and cluttered and mismatched at my house at the moment. One of the things I'm working on is switching to all black picture frames in the library/office/computer room, but it had never occured to me to paint the existing ones--or the furniture. Thanks for the tip!


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