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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Your post is just beautiful.

I let my kids bake with me and it isn't so different than what you have shown. When we eat it it is so yummy because of all the love (as you said) that was mixed inside.

Do you just kiss that face all day, or WHAT?!

I love the picture with the little feet in them. So adorable!

We do family pizza night also. I make the dough. My youngest Robbie (9) has to eat a piece of every raw dough I make :)

Love the flour coveed toes!

Your post is beautiful on many levels. The photography is phenomenal but the energy of your words is even more inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

ps. We have family pizza night too (and I bake most of our bread) and my daughter much prefers to dust herself in flour and eat the pre-baked dough....must be the age :)

I was so happy to see your cute girls going to town with that flour. And I thought, what a nice mom to let them make that mess. Those girls are smiling & I bet their momma is too. Great job! :)

Great photography Crystal!

Ashlyn and my little one are kindred spirits. How that boy thrives on bread, cheese, and cereal alone is a mystery to me.

I soooo need to do more of this myself ... I control the cooking, I control the mess ... Thanks for the inspiration.

Love it!! What kind of camera do you use?

beautiful photos, lovely toes and flour fest! all that angst from the show and tell day- you just erased that... by the cupful. xo

Cute! Love the little doughy hands and feet. ;) I am always amazed at what a wonderful job you do catching the little details of everyday moments on "film."

P.S. Thanks for your message!!

Ah yes, the flour mess in the kitchen. You can tell they are having a wonderful time though. Very sweet.

what lens do you use?

I love those pics! We do family pizza night, too but I haven't let the kids help with the've inspired me, though! I'm letting them help this week!

I love her feet!

That is to cute! Your pictures are awesome!!!

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