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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Oh yeah! my youngest daughter declares that she has three mothers:0) lol.

Congratulations Butler Family!

Somehow my reader missed all your new posts this past month. Congratulations! How exciting that you'll be adding a boy to your brood. :) I have a feeling that much like my hubby was forced to play endless hours of dress up and daddy by all of his older girl cousins, your little guy is going to be playing his fair share of girl games. :)

What an incredible blessing! I am so happy for all of you.

How exciting! Congrats!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting, and a boy!

wow! congrats!!


I think it might be a little strange at how excited I am for you...maybe it's b/c I've been following the blog for so long?? Anyway MANY congratulations! As you know I think boys are just the best....

Liz Piccinnini

Oh, congradulations!!
I have 3 granddaughters & a lone grandson (daughter has 2 girls, my son has g & b) & EACH of them is different - the littlest girl (my daughter's) is the most intense of the 4, the little boy the most laid back (usually)!! So you never know just HOW they'll turn out for awhile!

How exciting! A BOY!!!

You're pregnant! Praise God for this joyous news! :)

Yay!!!! Congratulations! That is wonderful news, Crystal =).

Congratulations Crystal!! God is good!

Woo Hoo!! I don't even technically know you, but I am SO excited for you! I remember how it feels to see that male part on the ultrasound after two daughters. If you're interested, I'll tell you the story of Craig's reaction.

Congratulations, Crystal and family! What a new exciting adventure. Have loved watching your two little girls grow, it will be great to see a new little boy on the scene, your husband must be over the moon. I could understand the newness of it all having 2 boys myself, with no pink to be seen.

All I have to say is watch out once the diaper is off... it's all fair game:)

Also your photography is amazing!!! What are you shooting with? I am despeartely in need of a "new to me" camera.

Congratulations once again!!!!

Wahoo!! Congratulations, mama!

Oh how exciting for you all - congratulations!!

Congratulations! A boy, lovely.

Wow, congratulations! Also a big congratulations on your business. I checked out your site and your work is wonderful!

so precious! congratulations!


What wonderful news! Congrats to you all!


I will ever forget my hubs reaction to having a BOY after two girls... I think he believed that he could only do girls.
In the olden days before sonograms, it was a complete surprise the day he arrived. For weeks, the hubs referred to him as "the boy". I think it took awhile for it all to sink in.

You will no doubt be amazed at the differences (aside from the obvious one) after raising two girls.

Ah yes...he will endure countless dress up sessions. Hopefully he will be a laid back little guy...a must when surrounded by girls.


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