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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Hon, thank you for posting the link to Rev. Graham's comforting text. I was so devasted on 9/11 5 years ago, so soon after our own loss of a child, that I never did hear his whole sermon on TV... it was just too hard emotionally. When 9/11 hit, it re-plunged me into "the pit", thinking of all the parents who had lost adult children that day. Just as you had felt overlooked by many when your sister died (as others focused on our parental loss), so I felt the many thousands of parents were overlooked on Sept. 11th (as others focused on the loss of suddenly-widowed spouses and their young children)... therefore, in my own way, I grieved with those parents for several months. I could so closely identify with the suddenness, the randomness, the desperation to make sense of it somehow.

So it was good--healing--to read Rev. Graham's wise words tonight. Thank you.

Love, mom xo

on this day, i feel the need to tell you and J "thank you! for all that you do and sacrifice" we pray for your family and all the other soldiers' daily.

This is a hard day for me each year. I really get angry that people have, too soon, forgotten. I pray for our President, our troops and their families today as every day and all those that were directly affected. God Bless our country and those that defend it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful husband with all of us. Love you

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