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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I love this picture of your package on the front step! The feeling of getting something that your husband wrote on, put together, touched, it's refreshing. Sounds creepy, but it's a little piece of your husband and a reminder that he really is out there thinking of you. I am so happy for your front porch discovery, I am sure this made your day!

We are human and it is terribly hard when your deployed hubby is also your best friend. You are far from a bad army wife.

I pray for God's comfort for you this day. My son has been calling when he can..but I know that once he is over..those calls will be very few.
Thanks again for the links you sent. My husband and I read them through. Very helpful for this mom.

I honestly believe it is okay to let your husband know how you're feeling. It's just that its an unwritten rule that you don't upset your husband and you should try to support him and hold him up to the extent possible during deployments. I've done a good job, I think, of censoring myself all year long. And it's actually been a good lesson in choosing what's really "worth" my energy and what isn't. But it doesn't keep me from feeling a bit guilty when I know how much J and our soldiers have gone through.

You are not a bad "army wife". You ladies are human. Prayers to all of you for being stong for your husbands and for all of us they are fighting for.

uh, if you're a "bad army wife" for slipping once... I'm in the 7th circle of hell designated for bad army wives... How much longer do you guys have? Sam's leave is supposed to be in 3 weeks!

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