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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Hey Crystal! Fun to look at the pics from our last SewDomestic night! I hope we can do that soon before you ETS. Wesleyan is another denomination, an offshoot of John Wesley's Methodists, from which United Methodists and Free Methodists were born. You're right, "John Wesleyan" is not the name of the denomination, just his last name is, Wesleyan. Talk soon.

I actually think it IS Free Methodist - I am sure, as in all denominations, there is a range even within the Free Methodist church. I'm not sure "John Wesleyan" is a denomination all its own, but I think there are still church members that follow Wesley more closely - and Heidi & her husband are such members.

John and Charles Wesley's lives are indeed inspiring... you should pick up a short biography on them as their spiritual odyssey from their childhood home to adulthood is quite the read (IMHO, anyway *s*)

As to the denominations that are in some way affiliated with Wesley... I've heard of United Methodist, Southern Methodist, and Free Methodist (the one in Seattle that I was so very impressed with when I went to a writer's convention in the mid 90s)... have also heard folks talk about being "Wesleyan" but didn't realize that might be another off-shoot. Very interesting. Enlighten me as you find out more!

missing my girls,

ps. So how is South Beach doing, btw?

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