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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Today I came across this and was flooded with emotion. I visit your blog from time to time through my friend Karen's blog. Our husbands are in the same unit and we, my husband and I, were also very close to Ben.
Thank you for taking the time to honor Ben, he was such a good person.

C, you will continue, I'm sure, to be stunned by emotions you feel. When Desert Storm broke out in the 90s, I was awash in guilt because I had considered joining the Army Reserve less than 6 months earlier and had decided I simply couldn't go from "blue" (AF) to "green" (Army), yet the Army was the only branch willing to waiver my asthma... then the war broke out, and I was overwhelmed with guilt that I had let something so trivial keep me from serving again. Why was *I* home safe with my daughters and husband, while others were in harm's way? Who was *I* to have GI benefits from serving previously during peace-time?

I fought the emotions for a week or more...then realized that our days and our steps are numbered by the Lord, not by us...we simply buy into the illusion that we control our own destinies.

If you feel inclined and have opportunity to do so, please pass along the grief support address of Arms of Love to the parents of slain soldiers. It's then click on "open forum". (And to any reading this, feel free to pass this resource link along to other grieving parents.) For the widows I'd recommend GROWW, a huge support system addressing every form of grief imaginable. It's at -- if there isn't a group specifically geared to military loss by now, there should be and they'd be willing to start one I'm sure.

All my love,

Beautiful. Thank you Crystal.

Our prayers and deepest sympathy goes to Lt. Ben Keating and his family for all they have and will endure. Try not to feel guilty, just be thankful that J. is home and enjoy every day with him!
All our Love

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