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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I just stumbled across your site and couldn't read this without commenting since I was going through this exact same experience at the exact same time. I am sitting here crying while my husband and sweet little girl (who was born 06/06 while he was over there) are sleeping. So many emotions that I have happily not had to feel in a long while came rushing back.

I am so glad you have him home, and can't wait to read more about your return to life as a complete family!

I found your page when looking for patterns for aprons, but got so much more. Hope I'm not a "lurker" but after reading your info my heart goes out to you and your family. I have several friends who currently have sons in Irag. Happy to here your family is back together. And by the way you have made lots of really cute stuff!
jerri from texas

I'm about a year late, but I just found your blog and am catching up. So glad J made it home safe and sound. Good work, Mama. You did it.

I just found your blog while searching for info on how to make drawstring bags. I am disabled by a back injury that Uncle Sugar doesn't see as debilitating. Fortunately I have the best wife who has been right there with me for the past 10 years. Well, recently she resigned from her job as an RN because she was disgusted with the tack the medical care industry has taken in the 20+ years she has been a nurse. So I thought I might try to make some money selling home made crafts on the net. This brought me to your blog where I have been reading trying to catch up on your saga.

YAY!!!!!!! I'm so incredibly happy for all of you. J., I'm so glad you're home, so very, very thankful for all you have done for us. Have a wonderful holiday together you guys!!

I am so happy for you, E. and J. I know this was not easy but you did a great job keeping it all together. Please keep on blogging. I love reading the updates.

Welcome Home J.! I love the pictures. Your writing has helped me tons during the deployment and for that I thank you.

Congratulations -Welcome Home and enjot the Homecoming. I am glad you will continue to provide updates about your beautiful family and your creative crafting.

I'm so happy and excited that the deployment is over and J. is home again with you and your precious daughter. I look forward to reading more about your "adventure" in getting out of the Army and moving on with your lives. Thank you again for the sacrifices you have all made for our country.

i'm so happy for you! thank you for updating the blog so quickly so that we can all share in your joy! you are a tough cookie...13! thanks for the words of encouragement and wisdom :) enjoy the time together! :)

I know it didn't fly by for you and the Beck family is so happy for all of you to be together again. Even though I did my best to help you out through this I have no idea what it was really like for you night after night. You are a strong and very powerful woman as well as all military wives out there. I am proud to be an American and even prouder to have friends that sacrificed so much for us to have our freedom. We take too much for granted. Love you lots and God Bless You

Congratulations to you both! I check this site to see how you're doing and I guess that makes me a lurker (?) - not really sure of that definition, but if it's someone who reads blogs and doesn't comment - that's me. :)

It's really lovely to see you reunited, knowing James is safe. I, too, got teary eyed after reading your post that James was finally home.

Love to all three of you,


YAY!! What a wonderful day for yall. I got tears from checking out these pics!

Congratulations for having your hubby home. I can't even imagine how happy you are. What a wonderful day!

(stalker from CinC!) I'm so glad to see and hear that he's back safe and at home. It brought tears to my eyes to see the pictures. Thank you for having this blog to help others that may be in or going to be in the same situation. I think I may use my own deployment anxiety on just the same thing...crafting!!!!

i am SO happy for you and E!
*sniff ---- teared up a bit.
i'm such a sap

The pictures are fantastic. I am thrilled for you, E & J. I hope you are able to enjoy your time together & J is able to relax and process all he has been thru. I am sure E is enjoying having her Daddy home. (and you your husband!)

Take Care -

PS - When my husband got our of the CG, he used a headhunter who specialized in finding jobs for Military men/women. I'd be happy to share the name of the firm, etc if you're interested (This was about 5 years ago) He went to career conference, etc. He said some of the mock interviewing etc that they gave him was really helpful.

Whew! I am breathing easier now. Glad he is home..and you all can begin again..
Great pics..priceless!

One of the silent stalker here :) From Finland ;) i have been reading your blog for a long time. Enjoy hes homecoming and keep us posted :) I wish all the best for you.

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