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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I really want to read the rest of this!

Very nice writing! I'm intrigued as to what the story behind this story is, or what inspired it, but I won't ask since it's a secret :)

yay! thank you all so much for your supportive words! you were all very welcoming to me as a guest. i hope to hear from you even more in the future. :)

Awesome story I normally only read 3 lines in a newblog but this one grabbed me.

Thanks for sharing

oh my goodness - this is just amazing! thanks for this :)

(via the Blog Exchange)

PS. Lara, I just went over to your Blog and HAD to click on the link "My Bad Mother" :) I'm struggling to put my thoughts into words here... this tribute to her MUST be tucked away in her dresser drawer and re-read often, and with happy tears. On behalf of struggling moms everywhere (esp. those of us who had to work overtime to stretch a penny)--thank you for your public acknowledgement of her life's work.

Again, I connect with (and enjoy) your writing style.

~ Jan


Wow. Where to start? Is this fiction, or a dream you personally had? I find it very captivating that the Dreamer's father, a person with whom so much anger is obviously still unresolved, is the one who reminded her of who Dreamer had been... who she is deep inside. Her "true colors."

This has all the hallmarks of a great book intro, Lara. You must continue to develop it! "Inquiring minds want to know" as my dad is fond of quoting :)

~ Jan (crys' mom)

Wow. I loved this.

Lara! This is amazing! I can't wait to read more!

Great job! Crystal, I liked your post on Lara's blog as well, very moving.

Nicely Done!

Wow, great writing. I totally want more.

That was really good Lara!

Very good!

You write fiction too?! We really *do* have so much in common!

Thanks for posting this, Lara.

Hey Lara, Nice hook! You are one talented writer!

What a lovely post. And what a wonderful writer! Thanks for sharing this with us today!

Lovely. thanks.

Lara, I was sucked in. Go you for putting it out there. And I want to keep reading it, so you better keep writing! =)

Isn't she a good writer?

This was so much fun, Lara. Thanks for being such a great first partner!

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