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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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sounds like a wonderful day! my boys and I need a day like that- we've been cooped up in the house over a week now with sickness! it's still unbelievably cold here (a record cold march for anchorage) and we still have 1-2 feet of snow on the ground. i'm starting to lose it and the kids are bored out of their skulls.... as soon as we are all better i will have to splurge on an outing! glad you had a good day!

Glad you were able to rest and distract yourselves with fun activiites.
Watching the grass grow will keep you busy, it will be exciting to see the first specks of green popping up.

Sounded wonderful! What a yummy meal - breakfast for dinner is my favorite. What a great idea with the grass too. Glad you had fun!

What a fabulous day! Especially ending with Little House on the Prarie. I still love that show.

oooo, that was so nice to read that you went out and had some fun with E...mixed up the routine, invented your own adventures, that all your friends were of some help to you. I remember that kind of day when they were little and life just seemed so "daily", so unyielding. You did a marvelous thing for your family, for you- one that she will remember in surprising ways. You are quite special, Crystal...E is lucky to be yours. xoC

crystal - I think change is especially hard, but the next few months will be tough as J transitions. When Brian got out of the CG, we knew it was right for us, but he continued to doubt whether he made the right decision & "what if" I finally sat down & told him we cant keep wondering what if, we have to live w/the choices we made - it was the best thing for us when the decision was made. Just trust that you are making the right decisions and it will work out.

Take care & enjoy the little things.

what an amazing day. i'm glad you guys had the chance to spend that time together. :)

Good for you! Sounds like fun was had by all :)Let me now how your grass garden grows!!!

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