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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Hi Crystal.
I'm Lacey's cousin and so excited she's coming back to the States in a couple of months. Her sister Holly told me at Christmas how great your blog is. This week during my lunch breaks, I went back and started reading at the beginning. And Holly was right! I have enjoyed your blog so much. I have laughed and cried about your posts. I'm going to put it on my "favorites" and check in sometimes. I wish I was crafty and creative like you and Lacey! Have a good weekend!

I also wondered how it was possible- I heard all the same comforting wisdom from the women in my life. I found out for myself that it was all true. It really is an amazing gift that God gives us - the love that just keeps on coming.


I do enjoy popping in now and then...thanks for all the tuturials especially!

As for loving two, or's amazing how you fall in love all over's quite remarkable. And in those first few days, and moments, you will fall in love again with your firstborn, as you see him or her interact with their brand new sibling. It will bring you great joy to see them sitting next to one another...two little perfect creatures that you and your husband created in love. I have two little boys, nineteen months apart, who are now 3 and 15 months. They are so different, each of them displying individual characteristics of my husband and I. Life is such a gift.

Oh and another thing about newborns - you really DO forget how LITTLE they are!!!

Loved these toddler observations...LOL....and remember feeling as you do, but yes, you love another baby because he/she is an entirely different, uniquely lovable soul. New smiles, gifts, dimples, quirks, hugs, magic- like no other!

Oh what a fun day to read all your comments! I have to admit when I woke up to that elephant in the doorway the other day I was instantly charmed by my E. again. She is just too much sometimes.
As for a second child - this first thought struck me years ago when a co-worker, who doted on her adorable son lavishly (he got away with anything; mine does not), made the conscious decision with her husband that they would not have a second one - because they just couldn't imagine a child as perfect as their first. Literally, they thought they would not be able to repeat that perfection. We intend to have more because I was so fortunate to have a sister and friend and anchor for 18 years, and I can't imagine Evyn not having that. But it's just difficult to imagine. You guys had great thoughts to share. Thanks.

becky nailed it. a mother's love is multiplied, not divided.
the horror of being a mother of 2-or-more hit me these past couple of 9y/o is not so much fun to be around (yeah, he's a bit of a grouch! i'm terrified of the teen years) while my 4y/o is an absolute delight. ohhh! the guilt!

This post brought a smile to my face. I am the oldest of four and wouldn't trade my siblings for anything in the world. I love toddlers and looking forward to having one (or four) around the house someday (down the road...a long road :) )

I had similar thoughts when pregnant the second time. I felt so guilty for thinking I could never love another as much as I loved the one I already had...BUT...soon discovered that a Mother's Love is not divided, only multiplied. Keep everyone posted!!!

NOTHING beats a toddler in the house. Non-stop joy and angst :-)

I was the same way when we only had Reilly. I used to wonder when I was pg how would it be possible to love another baby that much. From talking to other people I knew it would be possible, but how, I wondered? The moment I saw Reagan's face, I knew I could and that I would have enough room in my heart. And I never doubted again.

Really, you wouldn't think it possible, would you?? But let me tell you, it's like your heart grows a bazillion times over to accommodate all the love it holds for each and every child. My husband and I didn't know how it would possible to love someone as much as we loved our first son, and then our daughter was born. And it was amazing, because your love is in no way divided or shared, it multiplies and you watch with the same glee and anxiety and hopefulness and thankfulness as the second grows into the little being God has created and blessed you with.
We just found out a week ago that we're expecting our third and as with the other 2, we're filled with anticipation and excitement and awe at the thought of adding another blessing to our family.

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