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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Come back, Crystal...we are missing you. I nominated you today for a thinking blog award. xoC

Hi there i've just come across your blog and I wanted to thank you and your husband. I'm Kurdish and I'm sure you already know that we are very grateful for what people like your husband are doing in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Your husband is a brave man and I hope my people showed him the best hospitality and respect.

Again thank you.

I can't really relate to Army life, but I find change in general to be difficult so I can understand your feelings of uncertainty. I am famililar with the frustrations of the job search process and I hope your husband can keep his spirits up until the right thing comes along. Good luck!

Beautifully written. Try and enjoy the ride...sometimes it is good NOT to be in control...amazing things can happen.

Great post . . . you will miss it . . . I miss it everyday. It is one of those experiences that you love to hate at times and hard for those on the outside to understand; sniff, sniff.

I can understand this feeling, but I can't imagine having it right now :) It is an amazing support system you go through some of the most stressful times in your life with. Best of Luck in the job hunt.

eloquently written, and quite true. change is hard, but important for growth. i'm glad you have such a strong family, because i know you'll do well in supporting each other as you go through this transition. i'm wishing you all the best of luck. :)

the part about taking pride in being in control, but having to face the reality of controlling're speaking my language now! if that isn't the worst i don't know what is! ;) sometimes i wish i had no desire for control and would just LOVE to float around on the breeze willy nilly! :) well, the upside of that for me is i DO see improvement in myself. i guess i am slowly learning how to control MYSELF since i can't control anything else...and that has helped me. i'm turning into a much toucher chick than i would have ever imagined i could be! :) thanks for sharing your reality because i think it helps others to know they are not weird! i wish more people were honest about their emotions and struggles. there would probably be less self-destructive behaviors if we could all just be more honest :)

i totally understand how stressful it is to leave the army. the hubby was honorably discharged because of his weight right after we got married. there were 3 months of mandatory classes about working in the "real world"...none of which helped. no matter how many interviews he went on they just saw an ex-army guy along with the typical stereotype of they know nothing outside of the army. it wasn't as hard for me to have him leave though; he wasn't happy with what he was doing and he was to be depolyed right after we had jerrett. the army was his outlet when he was at his worst. the best thing about it was that i was able to meet him.

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