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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I'm one of three sisters so I'm in full support of this! Congratulations!!

congratulations on your pregnancy !
I'd love to have another baby girl (if my health didn't make it dangerous) - girls are so much fun to raise !
wishing you & the baby a good health XO

Aww, I am so excited for u!! My girls are just now the age where they communicate and play with each other pretend play and all its sooo cute. U are gonna have a blast with how are u feeling these days?

So great to hear it's a girl! and to catch up in general. So much to be excited about with all to come...blogging can wait, but do read Bel it first! (it's a book for writers, like you.) xoC

Congratulations! BTW, your picture is adorable. I have a little boy and hope that my second is a little girl. But I do agree as long as they are healthy, normal by family standards, everything will be a-okay.

congrats! i'm sure she'll be beautiful. :)

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Fantastic! Two girls. This is very exciting news. I hope the transition is going well.

Yeah for you! It is really special to think about raising to little ladies. Hope your settling is going great.

Congratulations on your news! They are very cute pacifiers :)
btw, which Nascar driver is your DH's #1? :)

Congratulations. :)

Congrats. That is great news! I have 2 girls (23 months apart) and I cant imagine it any other way. I have a brother, so while we are close, I dont think anything compares to having a sister (or so I hear).

Hope you are feeling well.

wonderful news! the pacifiers are CUTE! we are currently "housesitting" for friends while waiting for our next move. i'm a nervous wreck about messing up her stuff...using other people's furniture is stressful :) hope the next 6 weeks flies by.

We just found out today that we are having baby boy #2. It would have been fun to have girl and use those adorable pacifiers you picked up! Congrats on her being healthy and normal :-) What more could you ask for?

Look at that, you are going to get to use the pacifiers! I am very excited about another girl. I know how much that means to you. Names? We miss you very much and keep up with your blog to see what's new. Keep on enjoying your reading...pretty soon you won't have the free hands! Miss you.

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