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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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o, sweet...and happy anniversary to you two....three. xoC

My Husband tends to scribble birthday/anniversary notes on whatever paper he finds that morning.

And, for some reason, I love it.

Hi Doll!
So glad you are in the new house :) I know you are too! Love the pic of E & J, just adorable.
I wanted to check in on you since our last e-mail. Keeping you in my prayers.
Love ya-

Happy Anniversary. I am looking forward to more posts :)


First off, THANK YOU to you and your husband for his willingness to serve and defend this country. I am thankful beyond words. I, along with millions of Americans, are truly thankful and extremely supportive.

Also, I wanted to see if you have any favorite products that are made in America. I'm compiling a list of quality products that are still made in the USA. I don't get any money from this - I just want to see more money and more jobs stay in America. Come check out my site!

Thank you again!

Welcome Back and Congratulations!

Congratulations on the house and six happy years of marrriage! Year six was also the year that babe #2 arrived for us. A good, good year indeed! All the best and many blessings. E.

Happy Anniversary!

Six is a great year - we're in it right now and loving it! I hope that it is the best year yet for you guys.

Welcome Home.

Happy Anniversary together!!! Don't you sort of feel like you should only count the ones where you have been together? So happy to hear you are settling.


Oh my gosh! I am going to cry, Evyn is too big. I am so glad you posted a family pic. but I really want to see the other two members included in the pic. next time :) I know you must feel like you have a ton of space now, congratulations on your first house! I wish I was there to help hang pictures and organize furniture with you. :(

You are on your way to being in control with both your label maker and your computer(blog) and control makes for a happy wife, mom and friend. I must comment, that is not just any ordinary label maker. It looks like it gets up and does the organizing for you. Good grief, it's pretty! Great job James.

I miss you guys very much. Even though I don't call, I think of you so often. This summer was not the same without bubbles floating past the front window.

This will make you laugh about things not mattering for anniversaries. Luke was born one day before our anniversary so I got to eat a hospital cheeseburger and realize we will never have that day to ourselves for a very long time. Oh well, Luke is a much better gift than any hallmark card or flowers that die. Happy Anniversary and have fun unpacking. Miss you!

Happy belated anniversary. I thought of you both every time I wrote the date and saw the calendar. I worked so I wrote it many times. You must share the address so we can send cards and notes. Love and miss you all so much. We both are so ready to visit. Happy Labeling...........

Love Darlene

Happy Anniversary! I have always said the best gift is hearing my husband snoring next to me every night for the past 30 years. May you be blessed with the same gift every year..well maybe not the snoring but waking up with your husband.

Happy Anniversary to you both! I'd nearly forgotten (call it pregnancy brain) that your anniversary was the day before ours. Here's to the 6 years past and to the MANY more to come! BTW, I love the picture. Your little girl is looking so grown up and it looks like she having lots of fun with Daddy. Congratulations on finally getting into your new (and very own) house!

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