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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.

I came across your post and had to comment how nice your dresser looks. I saw that episode of Debbie Travis and thought "what a cool idea!" I originally was going to do the whole little vanity I have, but saw yours had just the drawer fronts and thought that's a much better idea. :)

I'm just about to try this technique on a little vanity and am glad I did. I see you just did the drawer fronts, which is a much better idea than what I was planning! Thanks!

Exactly the effect I was looking for and sounds super easy! Bless You!

love this idea! I think I might use this idea for the drawers on my girls' new beds

this is so cool that i went and bought an old dresser and my hubby is right now sanding it so i can try this technique (or, rather, so i can watch him do it ... i'm 37 weeks preggo and not supposed to be painting). can't wait to add it to the nursery decor!

It is beautiful. Looks like you are getting set in your new home.

o, it's so perfect for E! well done!

Beautiful! Stumbled upon your blog tonight, I'll be a frequent reader from now on. :)

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