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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Remember me? I keep in touch with your mom sometimes and read your blog when I have time. So happy for you about your new baby girl. Your mom emailed me and said she's being born today! How exciting! PS--We live in the same state now :) I live near Charlotte.

Found you from Sew Mama Sew - thanks for the tutorial and for your blog! Can't wait to "catch up".

Lora was actually born just the day before my third birthday!

And thank you for the extra reading and concern, Beth. But be assured I am never one to fully adopt and subscribe to ANYone's philosophy or opinions - Babywise or otherwise. With our first daughter, we used a few basic principles in Babywise and decided the rest for ourselves based on what worked for us and other research - successfully. We'll do the same again with Baby #2, tempering what we learn from our child with a few basics from the book.

I am a big sis too, my baby came home from the hospital on my fifth birthday! We are not especially close right now, but I love her to pieces, and can't imagine life without her! Bless you as you still grieve your sister!

I am trying to "bite my tongue", but it isn't working...please check out the website regarding the Babywise...

I came over from sew mama sew for the belt tutorial but stopped for this post. It's so beautifully written, sad and hopeful at the same time. I have 2 little sisters and one big and maybe don't appreciate some as I should. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the new little sister.

Everytime I read your blog it brings me to tears. This was such a beautiful post (remembering the special relationship with your sister.

I wish you and your family the best as you welcome your new little one.

I've got the brother bond going on and it's definately different than a sister bond, a bit rougher but Jack Loves his Luke. I envy how gentle Evyn is going to be with her baby sister, girls just have that gentle touch as you can see you had with Lora. You blog always makes me cry when you talk about Lora because your memories are so wonderful and so beautiful. I can't wait to hear the good news, I better get the phone call like last time. Miss you very much:(

crying....reading your blog the past year has given me new appreciation for my sister. we were never close growing up like you describe you and lora, but we are finally able to talk and relate as adults. thanks for sharing. you will LOVE seeing your daughters interact. i am glad i have two sons. they will always have each other. i drill into them that they are each other's best pals and friends come and go but brothers are forever. it seems to be working so far.

Send you warmest wishes! Take care Dear - I wait for THAT post :)

My own "little sister" passed away in August at the too young age of 24. She left behind 2 children though, her daughter is almost 7 and her son is 4.5. She was only 18 mos younger than me, so I have very few memories or even photographs that do not include her. The memories are painful but bittersweet because at least we did have her those 24 yrs.

My daughter will not have a sister as we are quite DONE with our 3. But it is so great to watch her 2 older brothers with her. My oldest is 3.5 yrs older, my second is 14 mos to the day older than his sister. It is so amazing to watch them play together, to see my almost 7 yr old squat down and talk to her in a little sing song voice, asking if she wants something or is ok. When we brought her home she was instantly HIS baby, to hold, feed bottles to, even attempt to change her clothes and diapers. If she falls down or is scared they wrap her in hugs and tell her it's ok. Sometimes that is enough and she doesn't even need her mommy because she has her brothers. I think observing the sibling relationship really adds a whole other layer of love for your children. It's just so sweet and heart squeezing to watch them together. It can be trying at times but I wouldn't give it up for the world.

I pray that you and your beautiful family are blessed beyond measure when your new little one arrives. It sounds as if your oldest daughter will be a fantastic big sister, by her mother's example.

I am wiping tears from my face, crystal, as I read this. Tears of joy for Evyn and the new baby about to join your family and tears for you that Lora isnt physically here w/you. What a special bond you share. I say that in the present tense, b/c I know she is with you.

finally catching up with you...can't believe it's almost baby time! wishing you all the best with everything to come. she's a lucky little one to be yours! xoC

beautiful pics of you and lora. my sis and i were very close growing up, too. i'm happy that E. will have a little sis to love too. :)

You were--and ARE--the very best sister to our Lora. There is no "past tense" my girl, as God is beyond time, and now, so is she.

I must admit an experience just this last weekend. I was "prompted" to buy this new baby a gift, 'in Lora's memory', and did so--but as I looked up from her gift to Baby #2, I saw a bib with the embroidery, "My Aunt Loves Me"..... and I 'heard' a voice, "Buy it, Mom"... but couldn't. I couldn't take the chance that it would hurt your heart.

Still. KNOW that Lora "thinks so" [about The Blessing], and KNOW that she IS watching over this little one [and will continue to do so], and her relationship with Evyn. There definitely *will* be similarities, probably more than you could imagine, my love. (((hugs)))

~ mom

This is my favorite picture. Look at your little face, you're trying to be very careful. You look too sweet. Thinking of you lots while this new little life becomes yours.

Absolutely precious, Crystal.
A love like no other.
I don't have a sister, but I'm so thankful that my daughters do.
Lots of love,

I was not blessed with a sister. My first two children are daughters...and I was so delighted for them and continue to I watch their close relationship as adults. My last two (sons) are twins and they are not close. That saddens me.
May your girls enjoy a unique bond as they grow up together....and may you cherish your special memories always..of your dear Lora.
Hoping all goes well with the delivery. Can't wait for the good news.

As a big sister, I understand the sister bond and am excited for your little one. Sounds like you are all prepared for your little one. I need to jump on it--we are so behind in prepping for our new addition.

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