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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.

The debate is still on between cloth diapers and the pampers.

how about an update on the cloth diaper project? i need some more ammo to convince my niece. told her i would make them if she would use them. she still said no when i reminded her they were good enough for her and her sister's tushies. i don't like the idea of mystery chemicals on my great-niece's sweet bum.

super blog, by the way. thanks for sharing your family with us, especially the sacrifices you all make as a military family.

Crystal, I cloth diapered my babies and loved it. It's much easier than most people think, especially if you use the "dry method". Have fun and enjoy knowing that you're saving tons of money!!

Those are amazing. I may have to keep cloth diapers in my mind. Thanks.

Oh! Those are SOOO cute. Makes me wish I had done cloth diapers.

Good luck - my daughter has been in cloth for 14 months and it really isn't inconvenient at all. Plus it's so much cuter than disposables.

Very cool, I attempted to make some cloth dipes when H was little I was too nervous to mess up the PUL material, so it sits in the closet. I did use Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz, they worked great for us. Cloth is addicting!! If u haven't checked out u should also

yes, they are so adorable, Crystal and good for you- braving the cloth diaper route! your girls will be grateful when they are old enough to understand the care you had - for them and for the world they live in. xoC

those are such sweet dipes! Totally cute and professional enough to sell. Are they fitteds or AIO?

I am so excited to have a friend who has already done the "figuring out" to cloth diapers. I have searched and read a ton about cloth diapers, but you only REALLY know after you use them. I can't wait to pick your brain...when the time comes. I hope you got your package today! If not, you should get it Monday. I am glad to see your getting out and about.

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