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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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loved the patterns

Blogroll links aint that great :P but i am not the admin� :P � Just Telling :P :D

Wow! that's very cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I found this informative and interesting blog. Its very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. :) Keep it up!

Gracias por el tutorial. Queda muy hermoso.

Thanks for an excellent article! I appreciate your insights and agree with what you wrote.

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

You are a very smart person!

Thank you for your help!

Shouldn't the instructions read 'RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER" instead of "WRONG SIDES TOGETHER"?

Once owned of, don't forget. Valentine's day has been attracted to cherish; more, Don't give up the things that belong to oneself, Lost memories; for, Want, You must work hard, But most importantly, Take care of yourself!

I would like to thank you for this post. I recently come across your blog and was reading along.

wow all those garments are so amazing and fabulous I don't come to your blog as often as I would like, but whenever I do I see some really amazing things keep up the good work! =)

Do you desire a house but you lack enough cash to acquire it?

This really is an great written article, Thanks for yet yet another insightful post, as continually!

I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren't other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well.

I am suuuper new to sewing, and I am trying a burp cloth to start. I'm reading your tutorial, and I'm confused. :)
It seems to mee, you sew most of the way with the right side facing out, and then you flip it inside out and then finish it??? How are you supposed to flip it back out correctly then?
Am I reading this wrong? It could totally be me. :)


To your blog, I learned a lot! This also is very good!

Thanks for this pattern also. Made mine to match the swaddling blankets with a terry backing.

Will keep checking your site for other ideas as I'm back sewing/knitting for a babay again.


Thanks for the tutorial! I will start making it in a bit. Baby shower will be next week.

Crystal - I need to learn how to sew! Please come to my house & teach me! Better yet, you need a shop on etsy (I dont think you have one?) b/c there are untalented people like me who need people like you!!!

But seriously, I do have 3 friends who had babies, I will email you to see if you are interested in making something that I can purchase. (If you dont have time, I totally understand!!!!)


Crystal, these are darling. I have made some similar using a cloth baby diaper that I embroider, but the flannel is probably softer and cheaper, especially if you make a few. I love the blanket though, I hadn't heard of that before. Thanks so much for sharing and for the instructions!

Hello! What a lovely tutorial. No babies here to make anything for.
Here's another idea I'd like to share...last year I bought pretty velour towels from the dollar store for a dollar a piece. To baby-fy them and to put my own personal touch I put binding on each end of the towel. Then made a changing pad using the method above and used water proof liner. It made a sweet set.

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