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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Only twenty minutes since i convinced my almost three year old to go to sleep by telling her that the whole animal world was sleeping. The birds in their nests and the bunnies in their burrows. Only ten minutes before that we were both very upset and i couldn't see the end of the fight. It just shows how innocent little people are, and how their imagination can aid in distraction and distress. Thanks for the reminder for the morning when she dosent eat her cereal!
:) Heidi

What a great day! Thanks for the reminder!

awww she is so adorable and so very detailed with getting that hair just right. Kids are so precious!

She is too cute for words! I LOVE these pictures.

so sweet! She is precious!

so sweet! She is so precious!

Hi Crystal,

Yes, I realized after the comment was up that I'd called you by the name of another commenter. Sorry about that =/. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. A lot of what you wrote really clicked with me, and it's nice to hear from you.


I came this way via Nester and stayed up entirely too late reading your archives.

I don't really know what else to say but this post spoke to me and mirrored exactly the way I feel some days. Thank you for sharing.

i just found found your blog through your comment on jane's apron. i have enjoyed reading through your story. i am also a stay at home mom and this post is quite easy to relate to. i'll be visiting here often! also realize in that last photo that she is gesturing, "Hang ten, dude!" My 4 year old would be very impressed with that. :)


I've just tripped over your blog. My husband is leaving in two weeks for his second deployment to Iraq, and I'm blogging for therapy, and searching other military blogs for ideas.

I've read The Story and The Rest of the Story (but couldn't figure out where to post that you'd see it, other than here) and you've got me in tears. Thank you for your service. Thank you for capturing so many of the things I think and feel so well in writing.


This has to be one of the sweetest blogs ever...

Great advice. I too sometimes focus on the whiny part of parenting. These moments are so precious! Thanks for sharing-great post.

You're a wise woman... try to soak it all up and focus on the positives. Good advice. It's amazing what changing your perspective does for your attitude. Good advice in Philipians.

I learned (not that long ago) that it's just not important to have everything in it's place all the time. And a super-clean house will have to wait until my kids are older. I used to kill myself trying to do EVERYTHING all the time and was miserable for it. Now, I take time out to enjoy those simple everyday moments and forgive myself if I don't check off everything on my to-do list. They won't be little long.

How can Evyn be old enough to do her own hair AND put on jewelry AND say the word "cool?!" It seems like I was just reading about her baby antics!

I loved the virtual flip-book. The "foofing" at the end was my most favorite part. Absolute perfection!

You - an extrovert? NO WAY!!! :)


What a great reminder. Sometimes it's hard not to get weighed down by picking up the same toy for the millionth time or washing the dishes after it seems you just washed a whole pile a second ago. We really are lucky to get to stay home and watch these precious people grow up!

They grow up all too quickly.

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