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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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What a great idea! I will have to share with my quilt guild. We are all fabricaholics!

Oh my gosh! I love sending cards. And this is a great way to give them all a more personal touch. Thanks for sharing this idea!

i just have to say how amazing your blog site is. somehow i got sucked in today and i have spent an hour reading your words of pain and love, the pics of your lovely kids, your one hour of silence while my boys are sleeping spent on your site. it was worth it :) somehow i feel a kindship with you, and it's crazy, because i have no idea who you are! maybe someday along the road of life we will run accross each other, or maybe not. either way, know that your words have inspired me. may God bless you and your family!
-angie (fellow mom & crafter & blogger)

What a great tutorial ... thanks for sharing!
I gave you a blue ribbon ... you can see it on my blog. :)

I love those note cards. I like how you added fabric to them. I just got out my sewing machine this weekend, I have to try to fix it, the thread gets all bunched up on the bottom and makes a huge mess. I'm not a sewing person but my mother bought me the machine so I would learn!? Yeah it didn't work so well!

this is a very cute idea! thanks for posting it!

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