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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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My goodness, she has grown so much! I gotta play catch up on your blog, its been awhile!!

It blows my mind when I see my 9 month old get his legs and feet in weird positions.
I must try him with some cereal. It looks like Ashlyn really enjoyed them!

What a cute little bubbette. Of course we have one, too. Dylan was running around yesterday wearing a diaper, a shirt that was too small and showed his belly button, one sock on his foot, and one in his mouth.

o, me, too.....totally....adorable! xoC

Oh my! How absolutely adorable she is in,"Bubba," mode! Thanks for the giggle!

A great giggle is always welcome. Adorable pictures.

How very cute! Yes I kept all of those pictures of my children. Even the Bubba Ones.

She's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your smile-maker with us.

She's perfection, Crystal. Bubba or no Bubba. :)

I thought she was going to put the cheerios on her toes and then eat them off... Or maybe that's just something MY kids would do. ;)


She's so ridiculously cute I can hardly stand it! I can tell you are improving leaps and bounds with your photo taking skills!!

that was a great monday morning giggle! she's the cutest little baby girl! that wave she has right between her eyes, ohhh she's cute!!

At least she's not chewing on her toenails. She is adorable.


That's adorable. My oldest used to "feed her toes" too. Thankfully she's past that now. :)

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