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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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What a wonderful post, and blog altogher. What a treat to find it and read it!

I have often reflected on this post after a friend sent it to me. I have just fwd'd the link to another friend as gentle encouragement.
Thanks for the pep talk!

Thank you.

and you are beautiful!

Oh my goodness- I can totally relate! But I think you look beautiful in all of them.

This post inspired me to get out and take some pics of me and my family, which I posted on my new blog :) So nice to be inspired by other families...

Found your blog looking for a toddler belt pattern, thanks for that too!

This post is so so true.
I think I have about 4 pictures of myself with my 5 year old daughter, 2 with my first son and none with my third, who is the same age as Ashlyn.

I keep meaning to get more photos and I will.
Once I make the effort to get some make up on that is! Don't want to scare the grandchildren ;)

Oh, come on, you're beau-tea-ful! And so are your girls. Thanks for this great post and your honesty. I'm enjoying your blog that I just came across.

dreamy! you and your girls are just beautiful in these pictures. great post, Crystal! and BTW- you have the nose I always longed for. over here, we call it Elegant. xoxo

The pictures are wonderful! Realy beautiful! Great. You, and your children, look realy happy!

I absolutely loved this post. What beautiful pictures! Your post made me laugh. You have nothing to worry about... you are a beautiful mother and woman. God bless you.

These are all beautiful! I really need to do better about this. I did great last year when J. was deployed because I needed pics to send to him so I was constantly asking people to take pics of me with the kids. Since he got home, I have resumed my behind the camera stance.

Also, I gave you an award over at my blog :)

Love the pictures.
I was always the same way. My problems was my weight and when I took some of it off I would always get in the picture but now that the weight has returned I am as far away from lens as I can get.

These are wonderful, Crystal. And this post is, too. You're right about just getting there, in front of the camera and getting in the picture. I have very few with my kids, too... Thanks for sharing, you cutie-pie!

Wow - you and your family are beautiful. I am never in any shots for all the reasons you state ie I am the main camera person, hate my picture etc. It looks like I never go on holiday with my family - LOL. But thanks for the reminder and the inspirational photos - I am giving the camera to my husband one day....very soon.

This is so inspiring! I think you completely described most moms. You look great in the photos though and no we don't notice all those things you do. Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to be in the photos a little more!

LOL~ I think you have my secrete! In the
past 12 years (oldest is 12) I have a
total of 8 photos of myself with the kids!!!
I stink! LOL! After I seen your post I went
and looked at the photos and I am so absent
that it looks like my hubby is a single
parent! And that I am some rare aunt that
stops by every few years~~ I think I am
depressed! *Sigh* I swear I will be in
photos from now on... It will look weird
in the album that I am all of a sudden
but I want my kids to see me.
Thanks for making me see how silly I have
been befor it was way to late! I think
I am going to go cry and then call my family
and ask if they can copy the photos that
that they took of me with the kids so I have
other photos of me! Thanks a million!

hmm I don't really care if you have two or three chins or ghoul-ish eyes.. the only thing I know is that you are very, very pretty and that you have adorable, beautiful daughters. This post made me smile a lot :)

Andrea (usually the person behind the camera; from Germany; who loves your blog)

you are beautiful! what great pictures of you and your girls. :)

Oh - I am so guilty of this! I hate almost all pictures of me and usually delete most of them from the camera (gotta love the digital world). You look great, by the way, and the girls are both so pretty. You can see how much Evyn loves you in the pictures. Great post -- and I'll try to work on getting more pictures of me - with the kids!

You are seriously adorable!!

And, I hear you. I get your point. And perhaps I'll jump out from behind the camera once in awhile. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh these are so unbelievably precious. I love them. You have such a lovely family (INCLUDING YOU!)

Good for you! Those are wonderful shots.
I am one of those moms with hardly one photo of me when the kids were growing up. I did all the photos at holidays..and we had the worst camera then!
I am realizing that the photo friendly years are about done for me. At this age (old enough to be your mother)I just don't look the same(?) and no amount of photo-shopping will help.
The kids love me as I am and soooo...I have bit the bullet and had my daughter take more photos of me lately...because some day...when I am much older, I will consider my pics of today rather good.
BTW~You are beautiful...and those kids of yours are too!

These are so great - you look amazing! I totally understand about not wanting to take pictures of yourself - I feel the same way - I look at pictures and just see all my flaws!
This is a great post - we do need to get in on pictures and not just take ones of our kids!

I have to remember this; at times I forget to hand the camera over. It's exacerbates by the fact that Daniel doesn't love to take pictures like I do. He just tolerates it, ya know.

There's such beauty in every picture you posted - love shines through and hides the flaws. (like you said, I didn't notice any until you pointed them out.)


I can't tell you enough how much I love these pictures! The broad, from-the-heart smiles, the sparkles in the eyes ... so uplifting on a grey sunday morning! Thank you! ;)

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