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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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until you picked yourself apart, without the blurbs you wrote, i would never have seen your supposed flaws. what i saw is a beautiful woman.

The joy of your family comes through in the pics so clearly. I remember reading your blog years ago (wow, it has been a long time!) when I could hear the yearning for a time like this in your life. You were missing your hubby so much and ready to have the times like the ones you shared with us in these pics.

Thanks for taking us along Crystal. It gives me something to look forward to :) Only 6 more days till my second longest year (plus 3 months) is over.

Here's an idea:

Get all your old photos scanned. I saw an affordable place for that recently - .

Now, all you have to do is find ONE picture with you in it. Open your favorite photo editing program. Use the "magic wand" tool to select around yourself. Cut and paste yourself into all the other pictures.

Follow this advice and solve tens of years of family injustice :)

I think you are beautiful, don't be so hard on yourself-- your flaws are what make you special, and I didn't notice any of those things when I looked at the photos. Just a loving family. :)

I have got to get my hands on those to adorable girls. I miss you and talking to you. I have to go to your post to check up on you because since we both had Ashlyn and Luke we have lost touch with eachother by phone. You are always on my mind and I will take you up on taking more pictures of me with the kids. I am like you as well, delete all the bad ones and also hate the chins and side profile nose. You look so good and the girls are sooo cute. They are like Jack and Luke, totally look different from eachother but have both Andy and I in them. Miss youso much and thanks for sharing those great pictures!

I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now! It is always nice to know I am not the only one picking at every other picture! I agree the memories are sooo worth it though! You are beautiful and I LOVE how your pics turned out. I think I have a long nose too...LOL =]


My kids are grown and there aren't enough photos of me with them. Like you, I see all my flaws. You, however, look lovely. Your hubby did a fabulous job with the camera - your family is very lucky. g

Crystal, You are beautiful. I've always thought that! You don't give yourself enough credit. By the way, you're house seems so full of light. Is it all natural light from windows or do you have great lamps that I need to know about? The house we moved into last year has awful light!!! I still don't have the proper lighting for the house and we've been here almost a year now.

Oh my God, you know I love to see the pics in your posts but this post is your best ever!
I love it!
All the photos are full of love and the energy in them goes out the screen!
Thanks so much fr sharing them!

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