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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I'm sure I've been guilty of these offenses. My thing is: don't just stand there staring at an item unless you're out of the way. And if you're going to chat w/a long last friend, go do it in the food area and have a coffee!! BUT, having whined about that, another thing I do is tell the cashier that I"m sorry they have to work in that madness, but I'm glad they're there. They always look surprised and say "I don't mind it!" which is pretty awesome.

It was brought home to me how easy it is to be polite when my girls were little. I was someplace and asked for something and one of the girls said "what do you say?" I have never forgotten Please and Thank You since then. Whether I'm ordering a pound of hamb at the meet counter, going through a drive through, or asking hubby to get me something. It works wonders.

thanks for the reminders. g

I am *so* glad I only have a few things left to get--online. I got the last of the must-be-done-in-person shopping done yesterday, at the expense of an on-time nap. Sigh. At least it's done.

Thank you for the Lowe's wreath tip, by the way. I ended up getting one for the house, too--I usually skip it as too expensive =). It smells *great*, which makes me even happier that I sent one to Dan.

I love this! Another parking lot tip - I try to park as close to a cart return as I can. It doesn't make any sense to the the spot closest to the doors when the closest cart return is 8 spots away! And I love the "Merry Christmas" idea. Helps remind everyone why we celebrate CHRISTmas in the first place.


Great post! Thanks!

p.s. During this hectic season, I just try to remember these classic words:
"Treat others as you want to be treated"

You hit most of the main points! I usually try to be good and patient but some days it's really really difficult!!

I always try to be polite to the other shoppers and especially the workers. However, about a month ago, I was trying to squeeze down a tight Walmart aisle and two women were staring into a freezer case. One was holding a box of boots or something. Directly across from her was another woman with a cart. I said, "excuse me," a few times and no one budged, so I forged ahead anyway. I accidentally bumped the box of boots and the lady was ready to take off my head. Seriously. I apologized and kept walking. I stopped at the end of the aisle and I overheard them talking that they were going to confront me and say some awful things (not to mention my eldest son was with me). It was terrible. People are nuts.

I have an award for you on my blog:) Check it out

What a great post - not only funny but so true. Thanks for the reminder - you never know what someone else is going thru. Why not try to help them smile instead of grimace.


Memories of the WalMart on Route 3 (pre-Target days) on the full moon Fridays that hosted BOTH military payday and social security checks.

You know what? I sort of miss that crazy?

i know the entire thing about the shopping carts is directed at me. you just can't give it up can you. Just kidding, i have become nicer when shopping since then.

I don't want to be a hater, as I do celebrate christmas, but it's better to say happy holidays then to assume a person is celebrating christmas, or only christmas. Sorry, hope that doesn't piss you off! Otherwise I totally agree with everything you said. Now if you know the person and know they do the christmas things, then by all means say it!

You invited our thoughts, so here's mine. This year with a surgery looming, I actually PLANNED my shopping.. and know what? it wasn't as difficult as I always claimed it would be. I started buying one gift at a time during my usual walmart trips in August and September. And then I discovered both online shopping and QVC/HSN -- but only on items with free shipping and/or 50% off or more. Bottom line? I was basically done mid-November, with only one last item bought (on impulse -- hey, I can only be so good *s*) last week while getting walmart groceries in off-peak hours (another hint for year-round).

Hilarious!! But true.

I might have to check out Lowe's. Thanks for the tip.

I worked @ Walmart during HS, and Christmas was awful... My only hope for a break was for a Nebraska football game to be on - then the store was a little less hectic (at least the die-hard football fans stayed away for a few hours!). But what you describe above is exactly why I can't go to Walmart in LA - I drive myself crazy!

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