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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Haha! I noticed that too. My sister and I just had a conversation about it the other day ;) I'm always seeing them in the checkout line @ wegmans.
Great blog by the way! I found you through Andrea's Facebook post.

I had to come back since you commented on my name. I have a grandson whose name is Darian Evyn. It was the first time I had seen that spelling and now to see you with a darling little girl with the same name. I usually pronounce it as Evy with the n sound at the end. My daughter says it is pronounced as Evan. I like my way better.
Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. Do nurture the sister part of them, it is such a special bond. Come over and visit my blog and read about my special sister. I posted a story about her on New Years Eve.

Tee hee! I think I've noticed this subliminally - & can think of several I've read recently with this cover :)
I love your aprons & booty bags! I got a denim one at a SR craft center a couple of years ago with one over the shoulder strap, & a cute calico tie thru the loops. I noticed in the comments there was a ? about leaving the lables on - mine has the label, & a little heart patch! I added another patch from a spiritual book store (mine happens to be a colourful 'Ohm,') It's big enough to hold a couple of books (hmm, wonder what the covers are :) & cell phone or something in the pockets.

Re your little gal & the sales slip - we used to call my daughter the 'literary digest :)' she grew out of it . . .


I've never noticed that but thinkin back you're right! I would have to say that it seems like it would be smart to show only the bottom half of a person so there isn't really anything that distinct about it. That way it lets the reader decide what the characters look like without having preconceived notions based on the person on the cover.

wow, that's startling....and I agree with Ransacked Goods up there (except for the racial ambiguity aspect- they are all white). When my book covers were designed, the publisher (read sales team) vetoed every favorite of the designer's and mine, instead choosing the most generic option- nice enough, but not the uniquely beautiful choice. Indeed, it's all about sales and the widest audience. (that said, you really DO want your book to sell.)

I guess we all have legs. Though not necessarily white, skinny, young ones.

Happy new year, Crystal! xoC

I had never noticed that, but now I'm sure will!

Ok, so I'm a photo editor for a book publisher and I work on covers all the time. Let's just say the marketing and editorial folks aren't always the most original. Often times the voice of the creative department is squashed in favor of how books review with focus groups (again not usually the most design savvy people). I'd have to say that one probable reason for the heads cut off is that they want racial ambiguity to appeal to more readers. And there are a lot of market followers in the industry instead of market leaders!

So true Crystal, so true.

That was hysterical! I hadn't noticed, but now that you pointed it out I will likely see it everywhere :-)

wow! your right and I have several of those books.. some good.. some not worthy..

Ha. You are so right. I don't get that either, but I'm sure part of it is not wanting to attach a face to any character as well...

Still, so strange. Not very original, eh?

lol. that's hilarious.

As a librarian, I must say, such attention to book cover details is duly noted and appreciated. (I noticed but thought maybe it was a librarian thing???) You are so right. There are days I provide library patrons with a stack of recommended reads and it seems like the same cover over and over again!

You are so right! I hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out but I'm willing to bet half the books on my girly book shelf have pictures of the bottom half of women. Interesting :)

Quite observant on your part :)

Hey, if it's what you're thinking about--I say post about it. It's your blog, a record of your life, including your thoughts on repetitive book covers. I'm just glad there's someone else in this world who notices the little things =).

I agree that it's somewhat overdone! I hadn't noticed. I love your attention to detail. :)

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