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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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that is a good lesson to learn, She has the sweetest little face also!

definitely a good lesson to learn.

and also, your daughter has amazing hair. and i dont mean for a kid, i mean just plain amazing. i would love, love, love it for myself! just a thought.

Thank you so much for this post! I certainly need keep this lesson in mind since my daughter and I are both perfectionist. I also want her to be confident in herself and I often forget that my children learn more from my actions than from my words.

Brilliant words of advice. I think that I can likely speak for many, many other mothers out there that have made a similar miss-step on the parenting pathway. It was wonderful to have someone write so honestly about it and pass on the advice they received. Don't beat yourself up about it, it will not be the single moment your child will remember from their childhood as there are many other events that will overshadow this small one. Keep your head up and carry on! Thanks for the honesty.

what a bittersweet little story. I can relate and feel like i have been there so many times. It is so hard to let them confidently go for something when you know it might go wrong, and you don't want them to be disappointed. Thanks for the wide words and willingness to share

Wise words, thanks for the reminder!

yes, we all have done that- at all ages.... and it's true, you do have to go on. use that critical eye to catch yourself being the best mother ever- because that happens thousands of times every day- and resets the dial.
you are an exceptional - and very sensitive - parent, and you are so right about the forgiveness. best lesson of all. xoC

oh, great message. I go to sleep every night thinking of things I should have done better with my three (did I read enough books? Why was I so impatient with that puzzle) today I am going to try to just let go!

I'm not sure exactly why, but this post choked me right up today. I can almost feel your pain over the whole thing. What a great lesson.

Awww...I can certainty see myself doing the same. Thanks so much for sharing this experience. Often I have a hard time getting over things too.

Great lesson - thanks for sharing it! I know I've done this too - it is nice to know we can just let it go and not do it again!

Excellent advise. Easier said than done! =) Something I need to remember.

I'm not a mom, but that's a wonderful lesson. Thanks for being so honest and sharing!

And what's crazy is, I doubt she will remember this in a year. And you still will. So let it go, for now. And then bring it up in 15 years, and I bet you will both get a laugh out of it!

Wow, you said that so wonderfully. I too am guilty of doing this to my children. Thanks for those words!

I could have written this post a few weeks ago. Hey, maybe even a few days ago. My sentiments (and experience) exactly. This applies to me and I definitely receive it!

This is a hard one, but a good lesson to learn...I've been there before, that's for sure. But don't beat yourself up over it, Crystal, she's right. *hugs*

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