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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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may you live your life to its fullest..

This is the first time I've visited your blog and you made me cry... LOL

Crystal, I have always loved the pics on your blog and what a great post!!! Looking forward to seeing your pics!

Ah, someone who really gets photography. What you see through that camera and how you see it holds great value. And yes, you certainly CAN do this for other folks.

It's so sad to hear that our love ones need to say good bye to us.That is the most painful part in the family.Hope your still cherish the moment that you've together with your sister.


So, so very true. Photography is a priceless gift. That you have a true talent for. It has been so fun to see your photos evolve on your blog. Sweet memories for sure!

This post really, really moved me. And I know if I'm ever lucky enough to have kids, I'm going to be documenting their every move with my camera. Your photos are great! :)

Wow, your sister is really pretty, And isn't this a great last picture to have? I am glad you have such a precious one. I understand your reason behind photography now. I love your blog and have been checking it frequently. Your kids are beautiful and I can't wait to find more of your photo's online. Have you gotten to know your camera by now? Let me know if i can be of help. Also, I know some good sites that might be helpful too. Another fun thing is to participate in the different photography challenges out there, put out by other bloggers. Again, let me know if I can be of help. Take care!

ps. I love your pictures. You are good!

So sorry about your sister.

I too know have that bug for retaining pictures and keeping memories alive in them.

I want to be better.

Your pictures are truly lovely. Good luck with whatever you want to do, I'm sure you will be wonderfully successful.

I was just thinking and talking about you and your sister to my mother in law today, Her coworker just went to her son's crash site from 10 years ago in New Mexico, he was killed instantly from a semi truck. He was in the Marines and they were putting up a cross at the site, I told them your story about that. I miss you so much a want to see you so bad! We need to work something out:)

I have followed you for a while...and you have gotten good. I love your use of Av. BEST of luck to you. I have seen that it does not matter if you go to photography school. You have got to have the "EYE". Girl you have got it! And it looks like your proficient with editing too! Blessings,
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password sisemore

Beautifully written.

Awesome post. I hope to stay tuned to more of what you have to say.

Oh my gosh, you've got me crying here!

I found you through Rachel and had to comment. I can so relate to this post. My husband is in the Air Force and we went through through a desert deployment starting when our first son was 7 months old. I had always been "the annoying picture taker" in my family up until then, but began taking zillions of photos when my husband left for the same reasons you talk about here. I've felt such significance in each "special shot" since then. It's much more personal- meaningful- than just taking snapshots for me as well, but I never could exactly describe it. Yet, you've expressed it all so beautifully here! (not that I'd ever attempt to take more than pix of my own family- I'm only just learning how to handle my camera- but I guess I wanted to share that I understand a bit where your passion for photography comes from.)

I am truly sorry to hear about your sister's loss. She was so lovely...

I look forward to following your journey here :) Your photos are inspiring!

I look forward to hearing about your next adventure. by the way, your photography has become even more amazing in recent months. I check the blog regularly, even though I rarely comment anymore (having three boys under five can do that!)

Thanks for again reminding me to live in the moment.

Hmmm... where will this story end? In the purchase of something? :)

That is a touching story, and those are beautiful pictures!

How exciting! I love seeing your pictures. Best of luck in wherever your journey takes you!

WOW thanks for this post! I can't wait to hear more about your "journey"

i'm all teary eyed...maybe its the hormones of pregnancy or the touching story you shared. maybe i'm off to take more pictures of noah with me in them...

Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!
Will keep reading your next posts!

Fantastic - can't wait to hear more about your new "journey"....I love reading your posts!!

what a beautiful post. and I needed this reminder today that pictures ARE important. Thank you!

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