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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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You found some awesome stuff! I've been reading back through your old postings and you have me bawling like a baby. I'm off to go put in a happy movie and fold laundry so I don't sit here and cry all night :)

those frames are fabulous! Maybe you could paint the locker bins and then distress them?

Agreed, great finds. I'm coming down there and you can take me flea-marketing!

Oh, I love that idea.

I am salivating over your locker bins! Somehow you'll figure out how to fit those in.

The last comment by Lacey was really me...she must have used my computer and her info was saved.

I love the new finds. Even if it doesn't come to you now...just store them until it does.

Wow! Those finds are fabulous!!! I am *sure* you can find a home for those locker baskets. I love them. Keep looking! I can't wait to sea the poppy tea towel a la purse! Thanks for sharing your finds! (Though they do make me a little jealous for a fab flea market.)

I see you've inherited my chutzpah :) (no harm trying though, eh?)

Okay, the frames: I have promised dear Bianca that I will try not painting them first. You guys are right - they're actually kind of cool. But the creamy part of the frame is kinda blah (my bathroom is beige)...

Now the tile in the center - its just UGLY. We all agree on that, right? ;)

I love the locker bins, I see stuff all the time in magazines, I think they could be super cute.
And there must be something wrong with me... I don't think the frames are all that ugly!
I guess I'll have to go to this flea market the next time I go visit my sister in Durham!

Nope. Not a new lens. Just really great filtered light that day (it was mildly overcast) and lots of room between my subject and the background (makes for great bokeh). I really think the perfect natural light really helped. Photographers are always trying to re-create that kind of light. The day was like a giant softbox.

Speaking of new lenses, I know it's YOUR birthday soon, Mom. But do you feel like investing tons of cash into a 50 1.2 or 24-70 2.8? They're only 12-14 HUNDRED dollars each. But they would sure make everything prettier...

Did you get a new lens? Because these photo's are beautiful!

These photos are fantastic!

I'm coming out of lurk-dom to say.....don't paint the frames!! Just take out the ugly pic inside and try them unpainted first.....please!?

Sounds like so much fun, I haven't gone in years, I usually would go with my mother and would be in awe how she would see something so ugly and turn it into something wonderful for our home.

I love that... the flea market goggles. I've had that happen a time or two :)

Great finds! Knowing you, those metal lockers will become something fascinating!


love to go junking......and I too, imagine previous owners of particularly captiving items I find :)

Oooh! Love the chair and the suitcase. I'm imagining how they'll look in some of my photos. :)

They are all fantastic. Could you possible paint those locker bins with some kind of metal spray paint?

Nice score. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Oh! These are beautiful! Great finds!

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