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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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These pictures are BRILLIANT! I love them all, seriously. Way to shoot em! I was just stopping by to let you know about a post on my blog that I thought you might enjoy. It's about romance for military couples!

Yea, these look great, nice work. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the biz. I'm a photo editor with a past as a studio manager & an artist's rep. Copyright, stock, royalty free, portfolios.... you name it. Good luck!

I forgot to ask you what editing software you use. I have Photoshop Elements (I am a novice!) and I like it a lot.

Good Job friend, looks like you have found a new calling

Great pictures! You are an amazing photographer!

Crystal - I love these. Esp #2 as well. I am totally serious... If you are ever near me, I'd love for you to take some pics of my girls/my family. These are fantastic.

Great job!

Yep... that's MY daughter! Isn't she somethin', folks?

I've noticed you didn't copyright the picture of me. Now what makes you think that someone won't want to steal it and claim it as their own, huh?? In fact, someone could be doing it RIGHT NOW.

Love these. Great job!

What beautiful pictures you take ... of your children and these two shoots. Good for you for getting out there.

AAAAAH!! Your pictures are AMAZING!!! My favorite is the one with the picture of their kids in the the back pocket. Love that. If only I could get to NC so that you could take photographs of my sweet hubby and our three boys...oh, and me. I am trying to follow your advice, and "get in the picture!".

Great photos - you sure do have an eye! Will you do our anniversary shots???

I'm loving your photography, and so inspired that you are going for it! I would love to do the same thing, and am trying to.

Wow - fantastic. I love the one with the chalk writing and the final one on the train track - stunning.

great shoot! =)

What can't you do Crystal, your amazing! Wish we still lived close so you could takes pictures of us. Great job!

Oh wow - they are so good! I love the second one too...and the one with her head on his lap..and the last one is so sweet. Great job and great advice on following your dreams - glad to see the Lord is blessing yours!

Wow Crystal... #2 is very touching. Great job!!

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