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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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love the pink shoes....on the wrong feet...

:) ... I was just thinking tonight that I need to go ahead and update it. Every time I want to write something, though, I don't always have an image to go with it...and then I wait for the right time to take a pic...and, well, you know how it goes when you wait for the perfect time for anything...

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Dear Crystal... I miss you... Not in a freak, stalker way, just in an addicted to that blog, when is it going to be updated way. I'm just saying..... ;0)

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Dear Crystal... I miss you... Not in a freak, stalker way, just in an addicted to that blog, when is it going to be updated way. I'm just saying..... ;0)

Just wonderful! They are so adorable. I am really enjoying watching your exploration of photography. What type of camera are you using these days? I'm shopping around for a basic SLR to use for pictures of my boys. Nothing too fancy, and very user friendly. Any suggestions?

Lovely pictures! For every 1 pictures of my older daughter I have 25 (or more) of my younger one. She still smiles at me, while the older one is busy making faces, and pretending to be cool. Sigh.

I'm on facebook too. Will look for you...

I meant to say Select O Sharp for sharpening.

I use several TRA (Totally Rad Actions) in PS at a low opacity - my favorites are Oh Snap for a color boost & defogging, Claire-ify for brightening, and Oh Snap for a little extra sharpening when needed. Sometimes I also like to play with a few of their more creative actions at a very low opacity - for instance, this one was Pool Party - which has some neat cyan and pinks - but I used it at a low opacity.

And whenever its possible and appropriate I also brighten and sharpen the eyes a LITTLE (you can easily overdo it when you first figure out a method).

So, there are a number of methods, but I usually boost color and contrast a little, do some minor sharpening, and some light brightening. Levels, Curves, Unsharp masks, and Actions are the quickest ways to do this.


What editing options do you find yourself using the most in Photoshop with your pics. I am just curious! :)

oh, these make me happy. adorable pig tails.

Evyn is just the cutest thing. Her tiny little pigtails remind me of mine when I was little.

They are both such beautiful girls! I learned a new term for bossy this weekend at the Women of Faith conference this weekend - directionally gifted!!

She's just lovely and I really can understand you've been away with those cuties in school holidays! You've been enjoying them sooo much, haven't you?
Check my blog and you'll see you're not the only one MIA! lol...

Such cute photos

SOOO cute! And we have way too many of our youngest :-)

Too cute.

This set may just be my favorite of yours... ever. I really, really I love them.

You captured your girls in a beautiful, whimsical way that truly draws in the viewer.

You're a rockstar, Crystal!

(believe me!)


I really truly love these!!

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