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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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i found myself smiling at brother and i used to get rides in the laundry basket by my father like space cowboys. then my son was born and the tradition continued.

I would have done this had we had enough hardwood in our house as a kid! how fun.

We love blanket rides in our house. The kids get laughing so hard and want to see who can go the fastest.

Everyone gets the impression that I have immaculate floors and I DO NOT HAVE IMMACULATE FLOORS - by any stretch. I get a flood of light in my kitchen in the afternoon and between the white walls and cabinets and all the light, it reflects off of the floor enough that you can't see all the milk stains and crumbs in the cracks in my pictures. In real life, though, you can see it all almost too well for the same reason - all that light. You would laugh if you actually saw my fact, I think I discovered a pee stain this afternoon. ;)

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Your floors look immaculate. Even the baseboards. Can you please come to my house???

PS Great pictures as always!!!

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Your floors look immaculate. Even the baseboards. Can you please come to my house???

PS Great pictures as always!!!

This is a pretty regular thing in our house, too. As well as "shu-shi" in which they roll up in the blanket and then the other child will chop (with their hands) them into sushi. Fun times.

i swear, in the 2nd picture, ev looks like pippi longstocking! :)

"Blanket Rides!"
(if both my kids pull hard at the same time, I can get a ride too.)

My children do the same thing too! Lol... They call it "sleigh rides" jiji...

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