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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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Okay, I came across your blog through a tutorial link from sew mama sew or another one? any ways if there had been a spot where I could have just checked the thumbs up sign(like on facebook) I would have :0) Thanks for sharing your soul with us. slj

I can't believe we have the same situation.


Beautiful post. I can testify that those little tucked in notes can mean more than you'll ever know. Your pictures are beautiful thank you for sharing.

Awesome just awesome~you brought tears to my eyes...sigh ~ I especially enjoyed the part where you realized that your anger was gone because of your action. A soft answer turned the wrath away. It works!

i couldn't believe this as i started reading it... i have been in the same situation for a while now (not as long as you though)... i never would have guessed others were struggling about lunch too ( i guess it IS silly - but feels significant) ... thank you for sharing this ... it will certainly cause me to give pause the next time i feel like fuming! i really appreciate your blog!

You are so great... not only to you write a wonderful post about something that you have learned that is important for everyone to learn.. but you also capture the picture of that nice thoughtful sack lunch to wrap the whole thought together...I love it.

Crystal, what a wonderful post! I remember a similar battle years ago, when my days were filled with diapers and such. One day, I decided that the little annoyance was really just precious evidence that my husband is alive and well and that he needs me -- his helpmeet -- to do the mundane things that free him to do and be what God calls him to, with full confidence (Prov. 31:11-12) in me to fill in where necessary. Being a wife -- especially one whose husband has been in combat and returned safely! -- is a privilege and gift from the Lord. Years from now, you'll be so glad that you "let it go". Relationship building is crucial (and your girls are watching & learning from you). Computers and software become obsolete. You chose the better deal! Thanks for the reminder!

I love your blog. I remember looking at the pictures of your grandparents in the hospital and thinking what a blessing it was that you portrayed such a loving and happy message from something that could have been so sad.

This post is just another reason why I love what you do and say. I can honestly say this made me think...and realize that I do need to let some things go.


Isn't it Paul who says that we should rejoice in the thorns in our sides in the New Testament? We all need grace, but I think we may receive it more often when we show it.

Thank you for posting this. It's so easy to get in to the wrapped up in the details of what is fair that you forget that it is a partnership not a contest. Good for you!

Thank you for this post. What a wonderful reminder for me this morning.

I totally can relate - my husband has so much grace for me...and thanks for the reminder to let things go...such a wonderful post!

"Among them - James has grace. He's always been more patient than I am, more tolerant of my whims and tantrums than I would ever be in return..." sounds all too familiar, I've never been able to put words to that...thank you!

I love this. We definitely all need to let things go sometimes.

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