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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I love your post!!!:)

So awesome. I have 3 and I'm now expecting our 4th. Can't wait to see what chaos THAT brings!

Love it. My cousin sent this to me as I am pregnant with our 3rd. I am sure my house will look just like this. If you get "bored" sometime, check out this blog:
She has 4 and is hilarious!

i stumbled by here from a link on another blog and i am so happy that i did. it is wonderful that you posted these...i have four, a fourteen year old and three toddlers and i am no longer embarrassed that most days my house looks pretty much like the pictures above. every night we clean it up and every morning it is a mess about 10 minutes after breakfast. i never before in my whole life have loved summer quite so much as i do this year. but you are is noisy and hectic and messy, but oh so beautiful!

Add me to the list of people who just stumbled across your blog whilst looking form apron patterns and now am wowed by everything - pictures, writing, life story. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on your baby boy! That's how a home with kids should look like :) It's more fun to enjoy the new baby than cleaning anyway.

Very beautiful! Gorgeous! I just smiled all the way through this post. I was envisioning Morgan's antics, as the bold comedian of our family, while nursing Craig Grayson and motioning with my head (or usually snapping my fingers) for Caelyn to get something for me. Nap time. It's a beautiful thing. I'm so happy for you all! This is a treasured, fleeting season.

I just found your blog while looking for aprons and LOVE it! :) Your photography is awesome! I'm really loving the honest messy house pictures. I have four kids and our house looks the same! :)

oh, and i meant to mention that we have a pair of those lowe's planters and i have been afraid of having a similar mishap (love lowes and home depot saturday projects!)

i love your blog - your writing, your photography...and now i love it even more...i have 3 and i feel like i am the only mom who can't keep it under control...however, your photos still make the craziness look elegant!

I love your honesty about motherhood. I'm not a mother, but feel that it's romanticized by many of my friends. I definitely want to be a mother and apprciate hearing about the reality of it all. I KNOW it will be worth it, but it has to be difficult!

Three is, to me anyway, the tipping point. Mostly because you are now totally outnumbered. My boys are now 6, 4, and the baby will be 2 this summer. It is getting easier in some ways and more challenging in others. Here's my secret though, and one that a bunch of other moms of three have shared with me - my 3rd is the sweetest, snuggliest, cutest, most juiciest one of the bunch. He unites our family in such a powerful way...we all just adore him endlessly. So, don't tell your older kids, but you can tell me if you want to - it is a "little" bit different the third time! Enjoy!!

hi crystal

love your photos, love your blog, love those cute kiddies of yours...

and LOVE LOVE LOVE that my house looks just like that most of the time! three really does change things :)

thanks for posting real pics - they are great!

Beautiful pictures!


My house looks like that and I only have 2! It drives me crazy. I can hold it all together for a little while and then it's just out of control, I lose it and Eric has to help get it all back under control. And he still wants a third! He handles the mess and chaos much better than me. Love your posts!

Would it make you feel better if I said my house looks like that too and I only have two and the youngest is going to be four! Beautiful kids and beautiful pictures!

I feel like it just gets busier and busier the older they get, actually.

And my house was definitely cleaner when Eliza was a baby than it is now. I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

I barely have time to breathe. Maybe I am just a bad time manager or a bad organizer or, or, or. Maybe it's just that I have three small children and I am trying to be mother, wife, teacher...

I know, I'm so inspiring, Crystal. Life with three is GOOD just a bit nutty :)

Oh, these could be snapshots form my own life! I swear it's that third one that throws you for a loop. I felt like I was doing pretty good with 2 :)

My third is now 18 mts old (my older boys are 4 and 6) and I will say it gets better. Less messy, more scheduled...but still kinda crazy. It's a good crazy though!

Oh I only just had my 2nd and my house looks the same.. if not worse... Oh you are so brave to share it with us.. thank you-
Thank you.
I love reading about your life- you inspire me to be a better mom.
Thank you.

These photos comfort me, bring me happiness and make me feel totally normal. Thank you! We mothers have an awesome job!

Well if it makes you feel better, it is easy to see how clean your house is beneath the mess ;) Your kids are the cutest

Welcome to three! Now mine are 7, 5, and 3
I have to say it is still noisey and hectic. But the
good news...less messy. Get ready for many many
hours of driving all over. That is my complaint of the year.
I feel like a bus driver!

A shirt like that would be awesome... however I only have one and my house looks exactly like that... and I thought I wanted more. lol. Jk the mess is worth it :)

Love you new look on your blog, guess it has been a while since I have stoped by.

Happy Friday :)

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