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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I just viewed the slide beautiful a family you have. You are truly blessed. Best Wishes Linda

You are so right...a beautiful mess. I am the Mother of four boys all grown now. I so remember the chaos...and I didn't enjoy it and so I missed out on having fun with my boys many times. I was so worried about the house, the money, the schooling. I forgot to enjoy those moments and now they are gone...I so wish I had just chilled and realized that houses will always be there. You will find a way for the bills, and so what if you are late sometimes. Teachers will just have to understand. I worried about everything and everyones expectations of me and drove my boys crazy trying to smash them into THE MOLD. It took me many years to just let go...but I finally did it. I now live life on my terms...if someone has a problem with it they can dig in and help. Those are three very beautiful miracles you have there. Don't let anything keep you from putting them first. My boys did survive and are now wonderful Fathers...but I see them doing some of the same mistakes that I taught them. I want them to just let go and love those little rascals while they ARE IN the house making a mess...because these days are shorter than you think....Love Linda

No kidding...those are some awesome big sisters!

what a moving and beautiful slide show.. i'm sure your children will treasure it forever. i'm pregnant and your pictures really inspire me, thank you! warm greetings from denmark

Excellent song =). And beautiful kids!

SOO beautiful! And I like that you picked a really great song, not something sappy and light rock ish. Congrats on your growing family!

just beautiful! excellent song choice as well!

Love the song and I love the slideshow (I especially love the ones with the big sisters with their little brother and when they were cuddling with each other)

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