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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

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    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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I very much agree, but feel like I've forgotten this. I have 3 little ones as well. A bit of a gap b/w the first and second so he helps out a ton, but it was just him for so long, that he lacks a bit of SELF sufficiency. He was babied for so long that sometimes he reverts back.

I used this philosophy so much right after the third was born, but I've seemed to come back to my own control freak ways lately. Thanks for the post. It has reminded me that I am not doing my kids any favors by doing everything for them. I want to see them grow up knowing the world is what they can make it, not what anyone else hands them. Thank you.

Bravo! What a great example you're being to other moms in your stage of parenting! I've always had our children bear their share of the home-keeping responsibility, and it's better for everyone (on many levels). When I was pregnant with #4, a friend gave me a marvelous resource. It's a book called What Every Child Should Know Along the Way, by Gail Martin. It's out of print, but she still has some on hand and has let a couple of us buy it directly from her. You can find her on amazon. In the beginning of the book, she uses the Wright Brothers as an example of the world-changing possibilities when siblings band together, get along, and become productive. Very good reading. Keep up the good work!

That's how it's done at our house too. Where did you get your vacuum ? Our vacuum is too heavy for the kids to use but yours would be definitely manageable for them. All the best to you and your family. Btw, my daughter is 32 months and still doesn't sleep through the night, so you are a very lucky lady.

Inspiring! We work everyday enforcing the idea of helping one another enjoy our home by picking up and doing what they can. It is amazing to see what they are able to do and then they are so proud!

Ok, can I just say it?? Pretty please?? THAT'S MY GIRL, EVERYONE! (shameless, aren't I *g*) And as for that "lazy" comment, you stop that right now--you are anything BUT lazy :)

Very well said! As a mom to 4 with the youngest being 18 mos...I also do the same :) Less of a headache for me and less of the feeling like I have to do it all...more confidence for them and it makes them happy to help!

Great post! My parents raised my brother and I to be able to figure things out and it worked great - I think he and I turned out pretty well. :)

When my husband and I have kids I want to remember this 'figure it out' approach - it is so full of common sense.

P.S. Your kids are so cute!

I COMPLETELY agree with this. Then again I was a Montessori kiddo, so maybe that's why!? People are always blown away when I tell them that I started making my own lunch in kindergarten, but seriously, why not!? People need to be responsible for themselves, and starting that early is best. I don't think you're overworking them, if they make the mess, the should at least participate in cleaning PART of it, no matter the age!

In the child welfare system, we call it 'teaching life skills.' Maybe some think you're mean, but I think you're doing them a favor.

You are wonderful! This post is so refreshing. I work with pre-college students and it is AMAZING how babied and entitled they are...wish their parents had adopted your outlook because their kids would probably be more resilient, resourceful, and empathetic. Bravo!

I applaud you and think you are doing an amazing job. It is so important to teach kids that they can do it. It will aide in them being independent and secure as they grow. You are a wonderful mom.

Amen! I parent this way too.
I watch kids here on a drop-in basis, and even ones who are not here consistently know my expectations. Parents are often shocked to see their kids clear their plates to the table, etc. I think it's unreasonable to NOT have appropriate DIY expectations for even the little ones!

I can't help but grin and smile at this wonderful post from an even more wonderful mother! You are the empitomy of motherhood! This is how it's done or should be. Bravo!
Despite my boy having disabilities I try to instill in him a sense of indepence and responsibility. We are two in this home therefore us two should take care of it.

I have a rule in my house: You make the mess. You clean it up. That includes guests as well. :)

Amen sistah!!

love this post!! I have some similar rules, but you are giving me more ideas! When I potty trained my kids earlier than my friends everyone was SHOCKED, yes kids can be potty trained at 19 months, and no it does not mean I am trained, they seriously CAN do it (and it saved me $$ and the environment a year or so of extra diapers!).....sure it was a rough 10 days with my daughter, and only 2 rough days with my son, but when compared to the time, messes and money I saved WELL WORTH IT!

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