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The Story: Why it's called "My Longest Year"


His Longest Year

  • Going Home
    A few pictures from J.'s Longest Year...

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YOU are the one who inspired me to take pictures of my Mom's home after she died. Thank you!!! I couldn't remember whose blog I had seen the idea on, but it was yours!

Crystal - very beautiful

sweet memories... LOVE the song & quotes. thanks for sharin' Crystal!

Margot - ALL FOUR of my grandparents! They're all starting to seriously decline in health, but considering I'm 33 now, that's impressive...

Very sweet. I'm so impressed that you have a full set of grandparents! I'm down to none in my life whatsoever so I have to admit I'm a little jealous!

Beautiful piece Crystal. WillDee and Eleanor look the same. (not sure about the spelling of their names.) Grandma and Grandpa look good.

I'm sorry - I put the music credit into the slideshow but I'm not sure where it appears - the song is The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson. I totally stumbled on her (although you'd recognize some of her other music if you googled her). Check out her "Be Ok" album and also her song "Everybody."

(by the way, it irks me to no end that the slideshow cut the music off at the last but I just couldn't tweak it any more...learning to let go of some imperfection...) ;)

Yes who is that song by? I love it! Beautiful pictures and I love that you thought to capture those 'little' things like creamers and toilet paper- you will appreciate that in years to come I'm sure!

Beautiful pictures. The sweetest tribute to a family of love. And please, the title and artist of the soundtrack?

beautiful slide show....

LOVE it, and so grateful you were able to capture these moments for us. I accidentally stumbled across a wave file of a phone message my dad left for me in early November of 2009 (just a few months after moving into assisted living). Pretty sure it got captured because we have Vonage now and all voice messages were emailed as well as left on the machine. Anyway, I clicked on it, and the difference between "Dad in 2009" and "Dad in 2010" startled and saddened me. He wanted me to call him with their wedding anniversary date - he knew it was in November but couldn't remember when. This year, he didn't know it was November, and he couldn't remember the date long enough to walk across the hall to wish her a happy anniversary. It's hard getting to Tennessee every 3 months, and the credit card bill is mounting despite my best efforts, but it's all worth it - every bit of it. I only wish I had visited them more often through the years when life was "normal". At least I can now. Again... thank you so much ((hugs))

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